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Hello and Welcome! It’s me, Kieran. I finally have my brand new portfolio and ready to show it off to the world. However, that does not mean I am finished, no no. I have many plans for this website in the form of updates, tutorials, case studies and maybe further down the line, a small store to purchase screen printed posters and other designed goods. But, that is me getting too far ahead of myself.
So, the first thing on my list is to start a regular blog. I plan to keep it up dated as much as possible with a variety of topics. So far I have scribbled down a few ideas on what topics these could be and who they may benefit. I am going to list a few ideas I have that may or may not make it into my blog cycle, and what else you can expect from this site. If you have any suggestions or things you would like to read, leave a comment.

Case Studies

As new and exciting projects come in, I shall start documenting them as I progress. If they seem like interesting topics or consist of elements I feel may be interesting to read about, I will post them on here so that other designers can see how I work and maybe draw inspiration from my process, but it can also help the general community. People who want to see just what goes into designing a brand or a website.

Design Topics

I am hoping to also dive a bit more into the world of design and write about interesting things that I find. Something I am interested in at the moment are the brand guidelines for NASA. They are incredibly detailed and looking at how they have changed over the years really does make you appreciate the journey it has gone through.
But this may also consist of other subjects too, I just am not sure exactly what these topics will be yet. But they will definitely have some design related news within.


Work In Progress Wednesdays, or WIPW for short. This would be a weekly update on what I am working on, the progress of each projects and general happenings within my week. Most likely will include work related news but, should I feel the need, it could expand into personal life should something amusing happen I feel I should share.

Design Tutorials

Once in a while, I will also post tutorials. Again this could be a whole range of topics. I am also not sure if I want to do one post per subject, or whether to set up a brief and walk through it step by step each week. This may help new or beginner designers build a process and get an understanding on not just how to use the software, but also how to seamlessly flow from one step to the next without getting lost in between. This is something I would of liked when I first started out so I am sure there are some out there who would appreciate this.
I do have a few other ideas that may interest people other than designers, but they can wait for now as they require a bit more thought. So, until then, make sure you check out my social media and follow me to keep up to date!

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