Design Is Not Just Another Business Expense, It Is An Investment

Independent Designer

 If you are in need of a designer, there are plenty of options available to you. But the big decision often falls down to Design Studio, or Independent Designer. So, let me explain why I am proud to be an Independent designer and how it can be beneficial to you.
As a solo designer, the most enjoyable and self satisfactory part is that I get to be with my client from the moment I introduce myself, to the moment I hand over their design. I get to talk to the client and hear about themselves, their business and really feel the passion they have for what they do.
Forming a business relationship and often being the only designer the company uses, means I get to watch them grow and help out every now and then. It means a lot to me that many of my clients return with more projects for me to be a part of, because it means they like me as a designer as well as my work.

Invest In Design

Currently, the start-up industry is booming. With this, the need for design has risen yet the quality of design has decreased. This is because too many start up companies are seeing design as another business expense, just like buying another desk or a stack of paper. This line of thinking is completely wrong. Because whilst a desk will be sat in your office for you to work at, a piece of design is often the consumer facing part of your business.
Let’s take a brand for example. It is the logo, the voice, the identity of the company, yet people neglect it and try to pay as low as possible just to get it out the way. They then pay for a website to be made, which does not follow basic User Experience rules and doesn’t convert as well as it should.
Design is not just another business expense, it is an investment into how your company communicates with its users. Apple can charge more than competing companies because of the brand it has built for itself. Sleek, modern and sophisticated.

Design Is Problem Solving

There is a key difference between what makes a good designer, and what makes a great designer. A good designer makes something look good, they create good looking logos and nice colour palettes. Clean websites and simplistic applications. Which in some cases, is good enough.
However, a great designer solves an existing problem with design theory and creative application. They design a meaningful logo designed towards a target market based upon research. They choose colour palettes to compliment the atmosphere the company wants to portray. They design websites that engage with users and applications that keeps the users coming back for more.
Either way, you will get something designed and both will look good. The key difference is that when someone asks “why” about a decision, one will have an answer.

These Are My Design Values, Shall We Talk About Yours?

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