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Yapnak is an app that allows university students to receive a large variety of meals within local restaurants and take-aways for no more than £5. This can consist of just one meal, a meal and a drink or in some situations, a 2 course meal. The limitations are dependant upon the offer provided by the owners of the restaurant/take-away.
Yapnak allows each person to search based upon location, and display results based upon travel distance, estimated travel time and reviews.

A better meal deal

A group of students from London University had an idea for an app which aimed to help students save money whilst still being able to eat quality meals at local venues.

Their challenge was to create an app that was modern, sleek and simple, whilst also appealing to students who wanted to eat out often but were maybe unable to due to money constraints.

Yapnak needed to be easy to use and navigate, attractive enough to catch users eyes within the app marketplace or social media as well as have a strong enough brand presence to build brand loyalty. Not to mention various other positives such as increasing the feeling of legitimacy, professionalism and service quality.

“Yapnak has teamed up with local restaurants to provide various meals for £5. Allowing university students to save money whilst being able eat what they like.”

Eat well, £5 at a time

As the Yapnak team already had a logo but no brand guidelines, It was essential to build a basic set of brand rules to follow whilst building the app, not just for me to follow but also for them to refer to as they continue down the digital world of advertising and social media.

Keeping the colour palette to a minimum allows the design to remain simple and uncluttered. This palette consisted of Two shades of Red, White and Black.

By removing anything that was not really needed, it allowed the app to feel very minimal and de-cluttered with its large amounts of white space and clean lines. Allowing the focus to be upon the large pictures as well as the descriptive text and icon/buttons.

Yapnak for students, for now

The app came together exactly how I had hoped. It remained simple and minimalistic, whilst not appearing bare and empty. Keeping the design modern and fresh allows the Yapnak team to really zone in on their target niche.

Along the way, some features were dropped or thought up and were implemented easily thanks to the simplicity of the user flow. The app easily allows users to search, filter, save, recommend and rate each deal, as well as being able to see a live update of their loyalty points and the rewards which come with that.

The app is currently only available to students living in London, but the team hope to expand this soon to the general public in the UK. If you live in London, head over to the Yapnak Website where you can download the app on Android and IOS.

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