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Samsara is a tattoo studio based in the British seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare. Thanks to a contemporary brand and modern approach, Samsara was able to stand out from their competition and provide a relaxing, high quality and modern atmosphere within their studio.

Standing out among competition

Brett, the owner of Samsara, was opening his first tattoo studio in the middle of a busy sea side town called Weston-Super-Mare (UK).

He didn’t know exactly what he needed, but knew he needed to approach it differently to stand out among competition.

After a quick talk, the final product was unclear, but I knew that with 10+ other tattoo studios within the town, I had to find the gap in the market and make his studio fit.


– “The cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.”

Finding the unique selling point

After doing various research such as talking to local people with tattoos, visiting tattoo studios and browsing generic logo branding on-line, I immediately saw an obvious gap in the market.

There were too many studios embracing the rock and roll side of tattooing. Dark interiors, tattoo style logos, metal and piercing. The stereotypes that surround tattoo studios are hard to break, especially with how many that embrace the old styles.

Talking to people about this I saw that some are intimidated when going to those places for a tattoo, even though most tattooists are lovely and inviting, the brand and atmosphere can be enough to turn away business.

So, I proposed a clean, minimal, modern logo. One that would look at home on a high end clothing street, a brand and studio that invites people to come in and relax to soothing music whilst they wait and look around.

After discussing this idea with a few friends of mine and Bretts, it was a unanimous yes. It was so simple and had been done around other places in the UK, but this town was missing out.

So, a clean simple logo, keeping it black and white and then allowing this to be the theme of the studio. No clutter, no un-needed extras. Just clean white space.

Business is booming

Half a year after opening, business is booming.

Brett has managed to expand from one tattooist, to Four. As well as a piercing expert, tattoo removal specialist and a few other beauty services once a week. Not to mention a large space in which he displays and sells local artists pieces to members of the public.

A lot of his new clients talk about how different the studio feels compared to others they have been to and that they love visiting it. The studio has quickly shot up to one of the most known studios in Weston and he has high hopes to expand into other towns/cities in the near future.

It shows that often people think of design as just another business expense, rather than a business investment that will bring a large return upon investment. Without the freedom to put my expertise and training to practice, the result wouldn’t have been half as successful.

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