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Raum is a patio door manufacturing company that was about to launch a set of three new products onto the market that were unique in their own ways.
All products pushing the idea of space and freedom, whilst giving a feeling of elegance and simplicity. For this, they wanted a new name and brand to represent the new line of products.

In need of an identity

Raum was about to launch a line of three new patio doors. These were unique to the market and each had a set of features that made them unique form each other and suitable for different needs.

The problem was, they weren’t just lacking a brand, they were lacking a name!

They needed a name and a brand that really represented their product line. One that incorporated the feeling of space, room and elegance, whilst also giving the feeling of space and strength.

Providing a name and a brand that would look right at home representing their new product line was a challenge I was more than happy to jump into.

‘Raum’, in German, means “Space, Room, Chamber”

The products

Whilst coming up with the name Raum, I decided it was also a good idea to get an understanding of what exactly is so special about these frames and possibly, learn about their unique features and how they set them apart from other patio doors.

After all, I cannot build a brand for a company if I know nothing about them, their goals or their products.

Slide & Swing doors – 
These doors have seperate panels that each open on a hinge, then are able to slide to one side of the opening. This allows for complete control of how open or shut the doorway is at any time.

Patio Doors
– Don’t let the name fool you, these doors are not any old patio door. They are large, strong yet very sleek looking frames, allowing for a large expanse of glass to fill the area without any pillars blocking the view.

Bi-fold Doors –
 The Bi-folding doors are made out of aluminium so they are light and easy to open. Opening up in a concertina, these doors allow the entire wall to be opened to one (or both) directions much like the slide and swing, but with less effort.

Space, elegance, strength

With any good logo, it should represent the client and their products perfectly. To achieve this for Raum, I felt it was best to put an element from each of the doors into the logo itself.

Firstly, to incorporate the “Patio Door”, I gave a strong, sleek frame to encase the letter R, whilst allowing plenty of negative space to really give the feeling the product is made for.

Next, I modified the letter M by removing two of its pillars and extending the M. This gave a unique feel to the logo, but also represented the bi-fold doors and how they can look like a part of the houses’ structure, yet can easily be moved aside.

Lastly, to represent the Slide and Swing line,the frames. Much like how the frames on the swing and slide can be moved around freely, so can the frames of the logo to fit whatever they are being used within.

Putting it all together, it looks clean, modern, sleek and has plenty of negative space to really be at home when representing its line of patio doors.

Brand Application

The application of the brand is relatively simple yet extremely effective. Thanks to the re-positionable frames, the logo is able to adapt to whatever it needs to be applied to.

Whether it is the entire logo on the letterhead, or a small black frame on the backside of a business card, the brand is strong enough to be put on any small amount of space and still know it is part of Raum.


With an upcoming launch of three new products, the company still needed a name and a brand that relates to their elegant design as well as the feelings their products are trying to accomplish.

Their range of products were a new style of patio doors that each had a unique feature whilst all achieving the ability to open the house up to the outside, all be it in their own way.

The name and brand must incorporate the uniqueness of their product. Be minimal, modern and sleek, whilst also having elements of space and openness.

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