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A London based service that allows its users to sign up to either post errands that need to be fulfilled, or alternatively, apply to complete these errands. A kind of Gumtree or Upwork for people with small, local tasks.
These errands could be as simple as collect the laundry or deliver a parcel, no job is too small.

A friendly & recognisable mascot

The team at Errand were in need of a new brand to go along with their upcoming launch. Upon brainstorming, they knew that they wanted some sort of mascot to represent their company. A friendly looking character that represents what they do yet is not overly detailed.

Another preference noted was that they liked “flat design”. So further development of the logo should adhere to this request.

“Errand is an online service that finds local people who are ready to run small errands for you. Collect your laundry, deliver a parcel, grab some coffee? Now errand is too small.”

Historically correct

Originally, the errand team had given the idea of using a man as the companies mascot. Maybe running or having a messenger bad to hint at what the company does. However, I felt this was rather cliché and a quick Google showed plenty of other companies with the same idea.

I decided to do some research about “errands” and after a while, I came to the idea of using a carrier pigeon. Historically user to carry messages from one place to another, they were an important part in our history, no more so than when they were used in World War One & Two to deliver important messages to and from the front lines.

As for the design, I kept it simple and flat. I also selected a strong typeface and then edited it by giving it rounded corners to give a softer, friendlier feel.

Digital examples

Also on the brief was to design a set of icons. These icons were to be used by those completing the errands and would act as a way gain credibility among those looking to hire someone for an errand.

An icon would be gained for various milestones such as completing your profile, completing questionnaires and exams, completing jobs, etc. They would then appear on your profile to show expertise and and experience.

Whilst not mentioned in the brief, I felt it was important to show how this simplistic logo design could be carried over to digital use. Knowing that they were moving to this stage next with an internal designer, giving them a starting point can often help them get off on the right foot.

Wind beneath their wings

The team were very happy with the approach I took towards their mascot design and commended me on thinking outside the box.

It is important to me to first analyse the business and its competition and then find how I can position them in such a way so that they stand out among the rest and have a real uniqueness about them.

I also believe doing simple little extras such as designing basic digital elements is important, because it shows them what can be achieved with your design, rather than handing over the files and leaving them scratching their heads.

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