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I often get asked some questions on a regular basis. So I have made a list of frequently asked questions so that you can quickly find the answer without having to wait for a reply.
However, if you still have questions or just really want to say hi, go ahead and email me! I always try to reply as fast as possible.

What is your availability?

Good question! My availability varies depending on a variety of things such as current workload, upcoming projects, etc. If you want to know if I am available now or some time in the future, drop me an email and I can send you any dates I am not available.

Fixed price or Hourly?

I use a project cost instead of an hourly rate for two reasons. Before we start, you know what the cost will be; no surprises at the end. Secondly, you’re not hiring me to work 40 hours, you’re hiring me to use my skill set, knowledge, and experience to deliver results that benefit your business. By taking time to understand your needs, your business, and your competition, I’m able to deliver value to you through personalized design.

What payment do you accept?

I accept bank transfer as well as PayPal. However, as PayPal charges per transaction, a fee of 3.4% will be added to the overall transaction.

What is your payment structure?

This depends on the size of the project and/or cost. Typically I will require half upfront before any work starts, then the last half upon completion but before files are transferred.

Do you work remotely?

Yes, I am based just outside of Bristol, UK. But most of my clients are out of my area/in other countries. I have worked remotely with clients all over the world. I typically keep them up to date via Slack or Skype and Email. But I am open to whatever may be easier for the client.

Are you able to work on-site?

As long as you are within a reasonable distance from me and are able to provide a workspace, I am happy to work on site at your office.

Why should I hire you over a cheaper designer?

These days, it is easier than ever to go on-line and hire a cheap designer to get the work done. But a lot of work I end up doing is re-designing something that the client got from one of these “cheap” designers. People fail to realise that design is an investment into your business, not just another expense like office supplies. It’s an investment that you should expect to see returns on whether it’s bringing in new clients, raising awareness, or selling more of your product or service. Whatever you get designed, is representing your business, and in this world you more often than not, get what you pay for.
So, if you are ready to make a smart investment, get in touch and we can get started right away!
Contact Details

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In my personal blog, I write about design related stuff. I also talk about projects I am up to and anything new I am trying out.