My Personal Approach & Design Process

Hellos & Introductions

I prefer to start my relationship by getting to know you. If you are in the Bristol area, we can arrange a time to grab some Coffee to do this. If you are one of my many remote clients, then that is not a problem! I am happy to talk via Email, Slack, Skype, you name it!
Any of these options will allow us give us a good understanding of each other and the project at hand. It also enables us to follow up with a quote or a recommendation on how to proceed.

Perspective & Discovery

Before we talk about what you need designed, let’s first talk about the problems you are trying to solve and what you are hoping to achieve. Maybe you feel your website isn’t converting enough, or your logo isn’t representing your company as well as it should. Whatever your problem is, first I need a good understanding of it before I can deliver a solution.
Being a designer is more than making something look good, it is also about finding pain points within a business, finding solutions to those pain points and then, making it look good. Talking about the problems first gives me perspective and helps me out with the first stage. More often than not, other problems that had gone unnoticed show their head and we can battle that as we go, saving me time and  you money.


Once we both feel comfortable that I understand what you are after, I’ll send a detailed brief, outlining the issues we discussed and the problems you wanted solving.
I’ll then build an online mood board full of images and designs I feel are on brand and contain elements I feel relate to the brief. This part of the process helps me understand you, your story and how we can translate that into branding that resonates with the world.

Pen To Pixels

This stage is where things really start moving. I take all the information I have gathered, from the pain points and possible solutions, to the mood board and any other little things I picked up on, and put it all together to design the perfect solution to fit you and your business.
Throughout this stage, I will be doing various concepts, and when I feel happy with what I have, I will present them in their slightly rough form to confirm the direction I am going. After which, I will carry on refining the design until it perfectly hits the mark.

Special Delivery!

Now that the design is finished, I will present it to you in all its glory. This is an exciting time where we get to go through the brief and discuss what we hoped to achieve and whether or not the design ticks all the boxes. If you are happy with it, I will send over all the assets we agreed upon, as well as all the required files and documents.
All files are transferred via Dropbox, this allows me to upload all files there and keep them online for up to Seven days (unless otherwise discussed) so that you are able to download them whenever you like without having to wait for an email.

Never Say Farewell

 The brief may be fulfilled and the project is over, but hopefully it is not goodbye. I try my best to build a friendly, lasting business relationship with all my clients so that they never have to worry about searching for another designer again.
After the project is done, there are various ways you can keep me available for smaller projects or maybe even larger ones down the road. If you foresee needing my services on a monthly basis following the launch of your new brand or website, you can keep me available by hiring me on a retainer. This allows me to keep a set amount of time open, should you need me. If this is something that interests you, let me know and I can discuss it with you further.

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In my personal blog, I write about design related stuff. I also talk about projects I am up to and anything new I am trying out.